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MS Office System, Windows 7, 8, 10 and OSS: Open Source Software

Microsoft Office Extended to Microsoft Office System

Microsoft Office is part of a broader set of interoperating server platforms, desktop application, and online services that make up the MS Office System. It has been designed to integrate the personal desktop experience of MS Office with the ability to share, collaborate, and manage information in Microsoft SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint can be used to open and save documents working directly with SharePoint document libraries and insert media assets that are stored in SharePoint. MS Project also is part of the extended MS Office family software.

SharePoint Online is delivered by Microsoft Corporation over the Internet. MS SharePoint Mobile App can be installed on a iOS or Android device and used to interact with SharePoint.

SYS-ED training programs provide a framework for migrating and learning new versions and combinations of word processing, spreadsheets, presentation, contact management,and database: MS Office, networking and search with SharePoint Server, open source software, software-as-a-service, and internetworking Microsoft software with Linux operating systems.

Prototyping and Demonstration of Business Software

The assumption is that client organizations will select program modules as a framework for evaluating the featureset and learning the new versions of Microsoft Office, open source software alternatives, and the software-as-a-service paradigm.


MS Office Office - Versions in Use MS Windows 7 MS Windows 8 - 10


Low Cost and Open Source Software

Open Office

Google Docs

Fedora Hat - Linux

SUSE - Linux

Ubuntu - Linux

Microsoft Office and SharePoint have been designed to provide an integrated desktop experience for sharing, collaborating, and managing information. Training programs can be organized to address specific operational objectives.

Training Program Operational Utilization
MS Word Utilize the new interface and web-based featureset to produce XML-based data formats and develop scripts.

Webmaster Programs Application Development

Teaching Models

Office Suite Training Programs - Front End to Cloud Computing

Blended Content Delivery

MS Excel Use tools and analytical techniques to import and export XML data and automate tasks with VBA macros.
MS Access and Relational Database Develop and use queries, forms, and XML in order to programmatically generate and transmit data.
MS PowerPoint Develop content for presentation and distribution on websites.
Client- to Server- side Scripting Develop code to programmatically create, manage, and exchange data.

Questions should be directed to the SYS-ED director of education.