Client-side Scripting Training Program

Client-side Scripting Training Program

Client- to Server-side Scripting Training Program

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SYS-EDís Client- to Server-side Scripting training program teaches hybrid combinations of website content development and scripting in commercial and open source web server software environments; the comprehensive base program duration is 25 days / 5 weeks. Based upon the background and experience of their employees, client organizations can elect to streamline the program.

For organizations that have employees experienced in developing and managing web content, HTML5 and JavaScript programming courses can be substituted for a base program component course such as Dreamweaver: Website Development or XML - Introduction. At the client discretion, the software, examples, and exercises in a program can be presented in conjunction with an upgrade of a website content, web app project, or roll-out of new software. It also can be used to evaluate and integrate hybrid combinations of commercial and open source software. The assumption is that business professionals and webmastersattending the program will be experienced with computer applications and networking software. Previous coding and debugging scripts is recommended.

SYS-ED's training programs utilize multiple delivery medium: distance-learning, classroom instruction, and blended learning. In order to accommodate employee workloads and staff in remote geographic locations, component courses can be scheduled over non consecutive weeks combining classroom instruction and distance-learning. At the client's discretion, a record of completed assignments, validation assessment, and final examination can be utilized.

Client- to Server-side Scripting Training Program
Base Program Duration
Technology Updates
MS Edge
MS Windows 8 - 10
MS SharePoint
MS Windows Phone
MS SQL Server
MS Silverlight
Chrome Web Browser
Smartphones and Mobile Devices
Tablet Computing and Mobile Devices
Web 2.0 and Mobile Devices

Client-side to Server-side Scripting Training Program

Teaching Models

Client-side to Server-side Scripting Training Program


Internet/Intranet Website Development 2 days
MS Expression - Introduction 2 days
MS Expression - Advanced 1 day
HTML: Web Authoring 2 days
HTML: Web Authoring - Advanced 2 days
CSS: Cascading Style Sheet 2 days
Web Design 4 days
Abode Dreamweaver: Website Development 3 days
JavaScript 2 days SYS-ED Distance-learning
XML - Introduction 3 days

Base Program Duration

23 days
Optional Courses
jQuery 3 days
Node.js 3 days
AJAX Programming 4 days
HTML5 Fundamentals 2 days
HTML5 for Mobile Devices 2 days

Module: Internet/Intranet Website Development
Duration: 2 days
Major Topics:
1. Internet basics 2. Web development process 3. Client programming
4. HTML 5. CSS 6. JavaScript
7. JavaScript frameworks 8. Multimedia design 9. Browsers
10. Web tools    

Module: MS Expression - Introduction
Duration: 2 days
Major Topics:
1. MS Expression web: functionality and features 2. Getting Started 3. Creating a web site
4. Lists and tables 5. Graphics and webpages 6. Designing the layout
7. Adding content to a website 8. Changing web page layout 9. Extending the capabilities of a web site
10. Communicating with visitors 11. Linking contents 12. Adding interactivity
13. Finalizing a website    

Module: MS Expression - Advanced
Duration: 1 day
Major Topics:
1. CSS: implementation 2. Website: creating the layout 3. Layers
4. Forms 5. Frames 6. XML
7. Workgroup development    

Module: HTML: Web Authoring
Duration: 2 days
Major Topics:
1. Writing web pages 2. Images/hypertext 3. Markup tags
4. Editors 5. Document translators 6. Creating multi-frame web pages
7. Troubleshoot syntactical encoding problems 8. Creating Links through text Images and Image maps 9. Controlling the content of the page by using frames

Module: HTML: Web Authoring - Advanced
Duration: 2 days
Major Topics:
1. Forms 2. Entities and datatypes 3. Tables
4. Images 5. Frames and layers 6. Applets and objects
7. Client-side scripting 8. Automating with JavaScript 9. CSS: Cascaded Style Sheet
10. Website promotion    

Module: CSS: Cascading Style Sheet
Duration: 2 days
Major Topics:
1. Featureset 2. CSS fonts 3. CSS text
4. Color 5. Background 6. Border, margin, and padding
7. CSS and links 8. Working with lists 9. Positioning and visibility

Module: Web Design
Duration: 4 days
Major Topics:
1. Fundamentals 2. Design issues 3. Design principles
4. Page construction 5. Adding text 6. Adding graphical content
7. Computer imaging 8. Web forms 9. Navigation systems
10. Choosing the right tools 11. Building sites with templates 12. Publishing sites
13. Search engine    

Module: Adobe Dreamweaver: Website Development
Duration: 3 days
Major Topics:
1. Fundamentals of web development 2. Code-Editing features 3. Sites and pages
4. Text and images 5. CSS in Dreamweaver 6. Adding and customizing tables
7. Workspace 8. Multimedia 9. Maximizing site design
10. Site management    

Module: JavaScript
Duration: 2 days
Major Topics:
1. Concepts and overview 2. Language elements 3. Control structures and functions
4. I/O and browser differences 5. Built-in objects 6. Form object and form elements
7. Using images 8. Data entry validation 9. Debugging scripts

Module: XML - Introduction
Duration: 3 days
Major Topics:
1. XML featureset 2. Well-formed XML documents 3. XML namespaces
4. XML schemas 5. DTD: Document Type Definitions 6. Styling XML: principles
7. Cascading Style Sheets with XML 8. XSLT 9. XSLT details
10. XSL-FO 11. Processing XML 12. Processing XML events with SAX
13. Processing XML objects with DOM    

Module: jQuery
Duration: 3 days
Major Topics:
1. Getting started with jQuery 2. Using jQuery 3. Basic animations
4. Forms 5. AJAX with jQuery 6. Dialogs and notifications
7. DOM 8. jQuery UI 9. jQuery utilities

Module: Node.js
Duration: 3 days
Major Topics:
1. Concepts and featureset 2. Project manager and modules 3. HTTP protocol
4. File system 5. Buffers, streams, and events 6. Modules and unit testing
7. Express 8. Data sources  

Module: AJAX Programming
Duration: 4 days
Major Topics:
1. Fundamentals 2. Manipulating DOM 3. XML and JSON
4. AJAX interfaces 5. Site navigation 6. Tables, lists, and page layout
7. Navigation boxes 8. Forms 9. AJAX techniques
10. Debugging tools and techniques 11. AJAX and .NET 12. AJAX frameworks
13. AJAX with JSP    

Module: HTML5 Fundamentals
Duration: 2 days
Major Topics:
1. HTML5 2. Markup part 1 3. Markup part 2
4. Roles 5. Native audio and video 6. Drawing
7. Quality assurance    

Module: HTML5 for Mobile Devices
Duration: 2 days
Major Topics:
1. New HTML5 elements 2. Geolocation 3. HTML5 databases
4. Audio and video 5. Drawing

Footnote 1:

SYS-EDís core computer applications curriculum has been submitted to New York State Department of Education for review and licensure.