MS Access Training Program

MS Access Training Program

MS Access and Database Training Program

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SYS-EDís MS Access and Relational Database Training program has been designed for organizations: 1- which are incorporating MS Access databases into its E-commerce operations. 2- require expertise in optimizing and scaling MS Access to a relational database. 3- which with an investment in MS FoxPro database applications; Microsoft no longer is providing updates to this database and its stated policy is to migrate client's to MS Access or MS SQL Server. 4- to evaluate MS Access in relation to an open source database and scalable enterprise databases. The program duration ranges from 6 to 17 days.

MS Access 2010 and higher has been integrated with MS SPF: SharePoint Foundation and SPS: Windows SharePoint Services. WPF is a no charge add on to 64-bit Windows Server that provides the capability to share Access applications from document libraries and use Access to create or edit SharePoint lists. MS Access supports browser-based web databases published to Access Services running in SPS and has been designed to utilize XML, XSD: XML Schema, and XSLT. MS Access provides the capability to dynamically generate XML data and a standard transform to render data in HTML format.

MS Access can be used to:

  • Automate databases with the Access data macro features.
  • Publish web databases with on-premises or hosted SharePoint Server.
  • Create Access front ends to SQL Server databases.
  • Upsize applications to Access Data Projects and SQL Azure.

The program will be tailored to specific training needs and operational objectives. Specialized topics, inclusive of project specifications, can be incorporated into the program.


MS Access and Database Training Program

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MS Access and Database Training Program

Teaching Models

MS Access and Database Training Program


MS Access - Introduction 2 days
MS Access - Advanced 1 day
MS Access: VBA Programming 3 days

Base Program Duration

6 days
Optional Courses
Relational Database: Concepts 4 days
Relational Database: Design, Tools, and Techniques 4 days
Web Databases 3 days

Module: MS Access: Introduction
Duration: 2 days
Major Topics:
1. Featureset 2. Table creation 3. Table data
4. Table modification 5. Field properties: setting 6. Finding and filtering data
7. Simple queries 8. Operators in queries 9. Query design
10. Action queries: creating 11. Form creation 12. Design view
13. Reports    

Module: MS Access: Advanced
Duration: 1 day
Major Topics:
1. Queries 2. Form design 3. Subforms
4. Indexes 5. Macros 6. Macros: adding functionality
7. Group macro: creation 8. Switchboards 9. Report design
10. Grouping data in a report 11. Running summary: creation 12. Date/time control: inserting

Module: MS Access: VBA Programming
Duration: 3 days
Major Topics:
1. Featureset 2. Event-driven programming 3. Programming environment
4. Form controls 5. Syntax basics 6. Variables, arrays, and constants
7. Control structure 8. Input/output features 9. Modular programming
10. Custom menu 11. Text file I/O 12. Debug
13. Deployment    

Module: Relational Database: Concepts
Duration: 2 days
Major Topics:
1. Relational concepts 2. Relational software technology 3. Conceptual data modeling
4. Attributes topics 5. Modeling topics  

Module: Relational Database: Design, Tools, and Techniques
Duration: 4 days
Major Topics:
1. DBMS technology 2. Three level information architecture 3. DB server/user toolkit architecture
4. How a relational DBMS works 5. Relational concepts 6. DBMS relational components
7. Relational database design 8. Step-by-step approach and techniques 9. Entity-relationship modeling
10. CASE tool 11. Database normalization 12. Physical database design
13. SQL: Structured Query Language 14. Relational database creation 15. Database - manipulation and control
16. Database directions 17. Client/server architecture 18. Intelligent server - creation
19. Trends    

Module: Web Databases
Duration: 3 days
Major Topics:
1. Database fundamentals 2. HTML in database driven websites 3. Database integration: Internet and intranet
4. Database and the web 5. Data access - advanced 6. Performance and troubleshooting
7. E-commerce 8. Audio and video multimedia

Footnote 1:
SYS-EDís core computer applications curriculum has been submitted to the New York State Department of Education for review and licensure.