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MS PowerPoint Training Program

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SYS-EDís MS PowerPoint training program ranges between 4 and 6 days in duration and will be tailored to specific training needs and operational objectives: software version, open source software and web browser. A lesson plan based upon the standards of the New York State Department of Education will be provided as part of qualifying the subject matter, examples, exercises, and program duration. Educational consultancy topics, inclusive of project specifications, can be incorporated into the program.

At the client's discretion, the tools and web apps which utilize .ppt and pptx presentations on a projector or smartphone can be demonstrated.

PowerPoint Training Program

Base Program Duration
Technology Updates
MS Office Web, Office 365, and MS Office
MS Edge
MS SharePoint
Trends in the Market
Web Browsers and Mobile Devices -
Emerging Development Platforms

MS PowerPoint Training Program

Teaching Models

MS PowerPoint Training Program


MS PowerPoint - Introduction 1 day
MS PowerPoint - Advanced 1 day

Base Program Duration

2 days
Alternative OSS: Open Source Software
OpenOffice 7 days

Google Apps, Google Chrome, and Google Searching

4 days

Module: MS PowerPoint - Introduction
Duration: 1 day
Major Topics:
1. Presentation skills 2. Presentation text 3. Outline view
4. Charts 5. Printing presentations 6. Formatting editing text
7. Clip art 8. Slide Sorter View: moving / duplicating / copying / deleting 9. Slide Sorter View: run / display / navigate, pen color adding action items
10. Multiple presentations 11. Customizing presentations  

Module: MS PowerPoint - Advanced
Duration: 1 day
Major Topics:
1. Chart creation 2. Data from external sources 3. Customizing presentations
4. Notes and handout masters 5. Hyperlinking text and graphics 6. Adding special effects
7. Working with templates 8. Slide masters 9. Merging presentations
10. Adding special effects 11. Setting up the slide show 12. Expanding a slide show
13. Presenting to a wider audience 14. Customizing toolbar 15. Editing and importing charts
16. Creating custom charts 17. Creating organization charts 18. Exporting outlines and slides

Footnote 1:
SYS-EDís core computer applications curriculum has been submitted to New York State Department of Education for review and licensure.